Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 Things You Need to Start School Again

Hey everyone! So I am really going to try to post more on my blog! Here are 10 things that will make going back to school easier!

#5:  A Garment Rack

I absolutely LOVE my garment rack that I found at tj maxx. It will be a little hard waking and getting ready for school so having your clothes already together will help!

#4: Healthy Breakfast 

The most important meal of the day! You will need the energy!!

#3: Cute New Supplies

Your pencils and pens are probably really worn! I think it's time for a little pizzazz!

#2: A Cute Sweater or Pullover:

It might be a little chilly! You will be able to focus a lot easier with a warm jacket or something! 

#1: A Positive Attitude!

Your day will go by alot faster if you look on the bright side of things and be kind to others:)

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