Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Garland

With the start of the summer, tons of Lilly agendas get thrown away or shoved in the back of your "things i need but will never look at again" drawer. After looking at a lot of crafty ways to recycle them, I decided to turn my agenda into yet another room decoration (like I need it). Not only is this a cute addition to your room, but you will probably have some left over pieces from your agenda (two crafts in one!)

Let's get started!
You will need...

~ Your Lilly agenda (of course!!)
~ Scissors
~ Tape (you could also use a hole punch!)
~ Some type of string or ribbon

Step 1:

Tear all the Lilly pages that you want out of your agenda.

Step 2:

Choose the prints you want and cut them into triangles (any size).

I cut about eight triangles.

Step 3:

Line up your triangles on your string and tape them down.


Thanks for reading!!

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