Thursday, July 30, 2015

Real vs. Steal: Sunglasses

Summer means sunglasses. A lot of sunglasses. It's great to splurge on a great pair, but being the indecisive girl I am I need more than one pair. Here are some great options for buying look alike sunglasses!!!!

Most of the "steals" can be found on Amazon (since I have recently been obsessed with Amazon).

Prada vs. Amazon

I have seen these Prada look alikes pretty much everywhere! They are so adorable and they look exactly like the real Prada ones! The best part is; they are only $5.90!

I ordered the Amazon sunglasses and they are beautiful! (PS. I think they are even cuter than the Karen Walker ones)!

Dior vs. Amazon

Are you seeing a pattern? I'm not a big fan of these sunglasses, but maybe I will buy the Amazon ones to try them out!

A nice pair of aviators is always a must-have for the summer! While I would recommend splurging on Ray-Bans, it is always great to have a pair of sunglasses that you won't mind losing or getting messed up!

I hope this helped and thanks for reading!  

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