Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

Hello everyone and welcome back! This is my second post of my new schedule and I would say I'm doing pretty well so far!!! Recently Lilly Pulitzer released a some new items and here are a few of my favorites!!!!

1. Captain Printed Popover: Isn't this just adorable?! It is definitely different from classic Lilly Pulitzer, but it is perfect for transitioning into fall!

2. Southern Charm Elsa Top: I know everyone else is just as excited as me that they are bringing back this pattern in an Elsa top!!! Enough said!

3. Dusk Strappy Silk Slip Dress: This dress dress is so pretty!! Again it isn't like classic Lilly, but it would be great for parties and such!!!

4. Blake Quilted Vest: Okay I have WAY too many vests, but this vest is a classic!

Thanks for reading!!! 

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