Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Chat With Amy Stone

Hey everyone! Today's post is super exciting! I always enjoy doing interviews and they seem to be my most popular posts! Today I am chatting with Amy Stone, Instagram extraordinaire! She handles the social and creative content at Gap (how cool!) and has an extensive list of other clients that she has worked with! Since I am interested in doing some sort of marketing when I grow up, I thought it would be perfect to ask Amy a few questions about what she does! Enjoy!

How long have you been working with Gap?

I started at Gap in the fall of 2012, meaning it will be 4 years this coming November. I've moved upward through 3 different roles on the global social media team since then and each one has been a rewarding new challenge. I'm particularly thankful to have seen the brand evolve in those years digitally and socially, as things have changed in a frenetic way!

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My role is content & creative manager, social media. I oversee all digital content & creative production from scouting (talent, photographers, instagramers, locations, inspiration) to concepting and briefing, feedback, approvals, and delivery to our global regions & various partners. On any given day, I am writing a creative brief and pulling swipe (as we call it, or "moodboarding"/inspiration sourcing) to handoff to an agency, a photographer, or an instagram influencer who will then shoot. On occasion, I am overseeing said photoshoot or, very rarely, stepping in to shoot or soft style something myself. It's routine but always different and varied, which I love.

All of your pictures are fantastic! How do you get the perfect shot for each specific client?

Thank you so much! The first step in my creative process is to heavily research what a brand or client is already executing -- assess what works, and what doesn't, from both a visual and engagement/performance point of view. Secondly, I endlessly scour and scout for swipe to develop a color palette, location scout, and moodboard for client review and approval. Then it's just about producing the plan & shotlist at hand -- and always praying the weather is agreeable!

I am obsessed with your Instagram! How do you edit your pictures to keep the same aesthetic?

I'm so glad to hear you enjoy it! First and foremost, I aim to keep lighting consistent with a preference for clean, natural sunlight that creates great shadows and reflection. Additionally, I avoid using the same filter on every photo. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't believe it creates consistency. Instead, I like to choose my editing / processing based on each individual photo and the characteristics within it. Lastly, no matter the image, I am typically partial to heightened shadows, contrast, and cooler tones.

Do you have any advice for someone wishing to pursue a career in marketing or photography?

I would recommend creating a personal project for oneself, regardless of your major in school! For instance, I studied Advertising & PR under the College of Communications at my university, which was far from any kind of fashion capitol (understatement!). However, I had always loved fashion and design, art and culture, and digital. While my advertising classes were deeply informative, and my photography electives were interesting (albeit too technical for me), I wanted a different lens of creative marketing that I was not being taught formally. I sought out my own "assignments" for myself -- I would rent a dSLR camera from my school's tech department and experiment with shooting still-life. I also started my blog around this time (2008), immersed myself in the evolving social platforms, and started to watch as careers -- slowly -- opened up that fit my interests. It's important to seek out and learn about your interests on your own -- don't wait to be taught! 

A big thanks to Amy Stone for answering my questions! 

(All pictures provided by Amy Stone)

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  1. loved reading this interview, Ashley! I also love Amy's Instagram and blog.
    - Macy // Peonies & Passports

  2. It was so lovely to see how things work within the industry! It's like chatting one on one with a pro!

    1. Thanks for reading! It was so cool getting to interview her!

  3. I loved this Ashley-Great job--Amy has so many lovely hydrangea pictures too!
    all the best,

    1. Thanks for reading! I am obsessed with ALL of her pictures!