Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chat with Krista Robertson (Covering the Bases)

Hey everyone! I am trying to post an interview once a week for the whole month of June (and maybe longer) if it works out! I think interviews are a really fun way to learn about other people and I really enjoy putting these posts together! Today I am interviewing Krista Robertson from Covering the Bases! She is the social sponsorship strategist for Major League Baseball and she has YouTube channel! I love her style and I had so much fun finding out a little more about her! Enjoy!

Hey Krista! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a fashion and travel blogger based in New York City. I work for Major League Baseball during the day and run the blog and youtube channel at night. I love dresses and skirts (any reason to not wear pants!), gingham and anything navy and white!

I love both your blog and YouTube channel! How do you balance posting on both of those?

It's definitely a lot of work -- both are 100% full time jobs so on top of my actual full time job it can be really overwhelming. My trick is to take advantage of my weekends. I shoot on either Saturday or Sunday and whichever day I'm not, I'll record. I usually record 1-3 videos at a time (depending on how I'm feeling and how long by camera lasts). And edit throughout the week. I keep editing pretty simple so that helps me but probably not the quality of the video!

How would you describe your personal style and where do you tend to shop?

I'd describe it as classic with a mix of east and southern prep. Anything really that is timeless, blue and white or gingham I'm in to! I usually shop at J. Crew, Tuckernuck, Ralph Lauren and Nordstrom.

It's great that you value traveling! What would be your dream destination?

The Maldives! I've always wanted to go but that's a really big trip!

Being the social sponsorship strategist for Major League Baseball sounds like such a cool job! What does a typical work day look like for you?

There's no such thing as a typical day for me but it always starts around 9:30 and a flood of emails. I handle all social sponsored posts for the 30 clubs and MLB on a daily basis so I'm constantly approving assets, creating copy + images, thinking of the next big thing and doing a lot of admin stuff. I would say overall my day to day would be 20% meetings, 50% corresponding in emails with clients or our sponsorship team, 20% organizing and updating our running league sponsorship calendar and 10% researching and reading new things brands are doing online. 

A big thanks to Krista for letting me interview her!

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  1. Love Krista's blog! So fun to learn more about her!


  2. I love Krista, so fun to read her answers!
    xo, Syd