Saturday, July 23, 2016

jimmyCASE Review

I have had the same OtterBox case on my phone since I got my IPhone 6 more than a year ago. I was pretty fed up with the lack of aesthetic appeal of that case, but I could never find a new case that was functional, fashionable, and inexpensive, until jimmyCASE reached out to me about trying one of their Wallet Phone Cases! I had seen an array of bloggers sporting these cases and was curious as to where they got those adorable cases! The IPhone 6 Wallet Case met all my requirements for the ideal phone case! I had never really considered getting a wallet case, but now that I have one, I don't  know how I lived without one! The snug, elastic pocket on the back can hold essentials like my permit and cash and takes the stress out of worrying about keeping up with a clutch for everyday activities such as a concert/festival, lunch with friends, or a quick trip to the grocery store! The protective bumper makes this case perfect for a klutz like me who is always dropping her phone, but yet it doesn't give off a bulky look! The mahogany core and striped pocket,that comes in 13 different colors, provides a sleek, classic look (because you know I'm obsessed with stripes)! I went for the white bumper and gray/ pink stripes and I am in love! You can also design your own custom case and choose your bumper color (white/black), your wood type (mahogany or dark/ basswood or light), and pocket color which is so fun! Regular IPhone 6/6s cases are $39 and Custom IPhone 6/6s cases are $49! So... what are you waiting for! Go grab a jimmyCASE phone case for yourself today and see why I consider it my new favorite phone case!!

Thanks for reading and go check out jimmyCASE!!!

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